Craft Ciders

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Rodeo Star is a DUO Winery & Cider Co. brand . Our ciders combine premium fruit and modern techniques to deliver a flavorful rendition of an ancient beverage. Today, cider is enjoying renewed popularity as people discover the pleasure of consuming this flavorful and refreshing beverage. Our family has been making fermented beverages since the early 1970’s, including many natural fruit wines. We began making hard ciders in 2005, primarily for breweries interested in an alternative to beer for their patrons. Over the years we have perfected the blend of fruit and the process, allowing us to deliver a crisp and fresh tasting cider that is loaded with fruit flavor.

Rodeo Star Cider is a medium-dry traditional hard apple cider with a crisp and refreshing finish. 6.7% ABV

Rodeo Star Cherry are medium-dry blends of apple and cherry or blueberry ciders that have a distinctive fruit character. 6.08% ABV.