About Us

When a dream became a reality that’s when DUO Winery & Cider Co. was born. Duo means two, a partnership, in a marriage, in a business, and a lifestyle. Two hearts that grew together a passion for wine over the years. A desire to share with friends and family over a great meal, telling stories or relaxing with the sound of great music. We are a family owned winery located in south Texas and an extension of our family’s winery & vineyard located in Michigan. Decades of research have enabled our family to cultivate vineyards that are planted to traditional European wine varieties selected for their ability to thrive in a cool northern climate.

Craig Jarmosco

Owner, Sales & Distribution

C/ 832-970-4998

O/ 832-738-1325

F/ 832-340-7630

Raquel Jarmosco

Owner, Winery Tasting Room Manager

Winery Tasting Room : 832-738-1325