Winery & Cidery Tasting Room


DUO Winery & Cider Co. Is NOW OPEN.  Our tasting room offers wine tastings from a variety of European grapes and hard apple ciders. Our home will be your home with event space for you to celebrate your special occasions!

When a dream became a reality that’s when DUO Winery & Cider Co. was born. DUO means two, a partnership, in a marriage, in a business, and a lifestyle. Two hearts that grew together based on a passion for wine over the years. A desire to share with friends and family over a great meal, telling stories or relaxing with the sound of great music.

We are a family owned winery located in south Texas and an extension of our family’s winery & vineyard located in Michigan. Decades of research have enabled our family to cultivate vineyards that are planted to traditional European wine varieties selected for their ability to thrive in a cool northern climate.


We have several Greens, Reds, Sweet, Dry, Semi Dry, Sparkle and Party wines.

Available in 750ml bottle, Glass & by the Case.


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